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THE GEMINI COMPANIES were formed to provide investment companies access to multiple solutions for pooled investment products. We take the complexities out of entering new markets.

Our goal is to help you, the investment company, expand the distribution of your strategies into channels you may not have previously considered or thought possible. Our specific focuses are on servicing Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, and funds on Managed Account Platforms.

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The Gemini Companies are individual service firms each with expertise in administration, accounting, technology, compliance and reporting. We have pooled our talent and resources to create a single point of access for your investment company to reach new distribution channels.

Mutual Funds

  • Fund Creation
  • Fund Administration and Accounting
  • Transfer Agent/Shareholder Services
  • Series Trusts or Standalone Funds
  • Variable Annuity / Exchange-Traded Funds
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Hedge Funds

  • Fund Creation
  • Fund Administration
  • Middle/Back Office Duties
  • Financial Reporting
  • Investor Services
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Managed Account Platform

  • Dedicated Managed Accounts
  • Co-mingled Funds
  • Structured Product Platform Sponsor
  • Centralized Operational Services
  • Distribution of Products
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Market Volatility has Reinforced the Viability of Liquid Alts

May 16, 2016

Andrew Rogers, CEO of The Gemini Companies, contributed an opinion piece to Hedge Fund Intelligence discussing how opportunities are greater today than ever before for liquid alts. "Investment advisors from the mutual fund, hedge fund, and wealth …

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SEC Proposals Target Mutual Funds

May 16, 2016

Andrew Rogers, CEO of The Gemini Companies, recently penned the article, "SEC Proposals Target Mutual Funds", for Investment News. "The regulatory environment for financial services is ever-changing, and periods following market disruptions create opportunities for regulators …

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Growing Pains

May 09, 2016

Andrew Rogers, CEO of the Gemini Companies, was quoted in the Financial Advisor Magazine article, "Growing Pains", regarding the outlook of liquid alternatives. “The big hedge funds have learned that it’s hard to make the transition to mutual …

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The Exchange - The Gemini Companies Newsletter

May 04, 2016

The May edition of the Gemini Companies Newsletter, The Exchange, has just been released! The newly expanded newsletter showcases the latest news, events, articles and videos.  We'd love it if you'd share the newsletter with …

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Mark Garbin Wins Mutual Fund Industry Award for Small Board Trustee of the Year

May 04, 2016

Mark Garbin, who serves as a member of the Board of Directors for The Gemini Companies' Northern Lights Fund Trust (since 2013) and Two Roads Shared Trust (since 2012), has won the 2016 Mutual Fund …

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Pershing INSITE 2016
Jun 7 – Jun 9 all-day

Northern Lights Distributors is excited to be a Platinum Sponsor again this year for the Pershing INSITE Conference in Orlando, FL.  The conference is June 7-9th.  Please stop by and say hi to us at our booth!

Morningstar Investment Conference
Jun 13 – Jun 15 all-day

NLD is excited to sponsor the Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago on June 13-15th. Stop by the booth and say hello!

SIFT: Strategic Insight Fund Trends
Jun 21 – Jun 22 all-day

Northern Lights Distributors is excited to sponsor the Strategic Insight Fund Trends in New York on June 21-22. Alma Piscitello, SVP, Head of Strategic Relationships, will be speaking on a panel. Stop by the booth and say hi as well!

2016 PGA Championship Event – NJ
Jul 25 – Jul 31 all-day

The Gemini Companies is looking forward to sponsoring the 2016 PGA Championship in Springfield, NJ at the Baltusrol Golf Club!  The event takes place July 25-31, 2016.

CTA Expo Chicago
Sep 15 all-day

The Gemini Companies is excited to sponsor the CTA Expo Chicago Conference again this year on September 15th! We hope to see everyone there!

Inside Alts Conference 2016
Sep 19 – Sep 20 all-day

The Gemini Companies is excited to exhibit at the Inside Alts Conference in Denver, CO on Sept 19-20. If you are around, please stop by the booth and say hello! We have 1 more advisor guest pass for $99 if you want to attend with us.

Please email Lindsey Wiehl @ lindsey.wiehl@thegeminicompanies.com if you want more information.

Executive Team

Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of the Gemini Companies, Andrew Rogers oversees all areas of the companies, including fund administration, fund accounting, transfer agency and shareholder servicing, client services, and legal administration. He is also responsible for business development, including the conversion of existing mutual funds to the Gemini Companies and assisting in the formation of new funds. The Gemini Companies include Gemini Fund Services, LLC, Gemini Hedge Fund Services, LLC and Gemini Alternative Funds, LLC.

Kevin Wolf
Kevin Wolf


Kevin Wolf is the President of Gemini Fund Services, LLC (Gemini Fund), overseeing multiple service units, including Fund Administration, Fund Accounting and the Transfer Agency. Kevin is tasked with providing strategic direction for his team of department leaders. Prior to this, Kevin served as the Executive Vice President of Gemini Fund, overseeing the Fund Administration and Legal Administration units. Those units are responsible for providing administration services, including financial reporting, compliance reporting, performance reporting and treasury reporting.

David Young
David Young


David Young is the President of Gemini Hedge Fund Services, LLC and Gemini Alternative Funds, LLC. David is responsible for both the strategic vision of the alternative asset administrator and alternative asset managed account platform, as well as the tactical application of best of breed process and service. David entered the alternative asset industry in 1989. His experience is both in building industry leading service providers as well as being within the daily operations of large hedge funds.

Eddie Lund
Eddie Lund

VP, Business Development

Eddie Lund serves as Vice President of Business Development. Eddie joined Gemini Fund Services, LLC in 2007 and in 2013, his role was expanded to include Gemini Hedge Fund Services, LLC. Eddie started in the sales industry in 2000 and in his current role, is responsible for new business development, including managing the sales process used to attract new clients to Gemini. Part of Eddie’s role includes educating investment advisors on the many pooled investment products that Gemini services and helping them find the best solution for their business. Eddie also spends his time consulting with advisors on how to best grow their pooled investment vehicle through various distribution efforts and how to efficiently operate their vehicle.


The Gemini Companies were built on innovation, excellence in service and client partnerships. Collectively, we have over 30 years’ experience in the investment world and are backed by our parent company, NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC.

CLS Investments

asset management

  • Risk Budgeting
  • ETF Strategist
  • Active Asset Allocation
The Gemini Companies

pooled investment solutions

  • Mutual Fund Services
  • Hedge Fund Services
  • Managed Account Platform

portfolio accounting

  • Data Aggregation
  • Performance Reporting
  • Trade Order Management
  • Advisory Fee Billing
Northern Lights Distributors

fund distribution

  • Distribution Support
  • Marketing / Advertising Review
Northern Lights Compliance Services

compliance services

  • Chief Compliance Officers
Blu Giant

marketing and printing services

  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Web
  • Premier Industry Printer
  • Document Production
Constellation Trust

trust service by affiliate

  • Best In-Class Custody Administration Services


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