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A Gemini Evolution

May 10, 2017

The latest issue of the Exchange is online now! If you are not subscribed to the newsletter, click here! Our May issue highlights the evolution of Gemini as Kevin Hesselbirg takes the helm as CEO, true costs of mutual fund distribution, adding to your value proposition, and much more! Click here to read the May…

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Technology in the Hedge Fund Space

April 20, 2017

By Paul Wick, VP Business Development There is no denying that technology has drastically changed the financial industry. However, most of the technological advancements in the hedge fund space have been focused on the fund strategy and not the end investor. Naturally, resources have been dedicated to improving a firm’s strategy because managers are judged…

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Why Hedge Fund Managers are Moving to a Registered ’40 Act Mutual Fund

February 27, 2017

By Vicki Todd, Senior Vice President, Fund Accounting Imagine yourself as a new investment manager. Being new to the investing world, you begin with limited capital and decide to start a hedge fund since they are less expensive to launch than a registered ‘40 Act mutual fund. Your hedge fund does well, but raising capital…

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