ETFs – Fund Compliance

The compliance requirements for registered investment vehicles has grown increasingly complex since the implementation of Rule 38a-1 of the Investment Company Act of 1940 (“1940 Act”).

All mutual fund trusts must have a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) to ensure they meet today’s stringent compliance requirements. For advisors who register their mutual funds in a series trust with Gemini, we provide an experienced, qualified and independent person to act as the fund’s CCO. In that capacity, we report directly to the fund’s board of directors/trustees.

Those who operate a standalone fund with Gemini can be referred to our sister firm, Northern Lights Compliance Services, LLC (NLCS). NLCS has been servicing funds for more than 10 years and employs attorneys, former regulators, former auditors, former CCOs and operations professionals who are experts in fund compliance requirements and average more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. This varied experience enables us to consider the steady stream of new regulations from many different perspectives, resulting in practical and cost effective implementation strategies.