ETFs – Fund Accounting

When an advisor utilizes Gemini’s accounting services, the fund’s accounting data is processed accurately and efficiently through our integrated interfaces with advisors, custodians, transfer agents, pricing and corporate action service providers.

Critical information regarding the daily performance of our advisors’ funds is kept at their fingertips with customized reports and data tailored to meet their needs.

Gemini’s ETF account services include:

  • Automated pricing interfaces, daily custody reconciliation and corporate action interface
  • Automated portfolio feed to data warehouse for performance calculations, data feeds and portfolio analytics
  • Processing daily PCF file
  • Daily portfolio valuation
  • Custom files prepared for TA partner to submit to NSCC
  • Daily communication interface to NASDAQ
  • Accrual processing
  • Business recovery resources
  • Multiple sell selection methods for tax lot accounting
  • Internet access to fund accounting reports
  • Online integrated general ledger
  • Client system interfaces