ETFs – Fund Administration

Our dedicated fund administrators offer decades of combined industry experience.

With our support, advisors can focus on managing their portfolios and growing fund assets, while resting assured that all of their legal and administrative responsibilities are being addressed in a timely and efficient manner. From answering procedural questions regarding regulation to simply exchanging ideas, Gemini is responsive to our advisors’ needs. We strive to provide same-day responses and our phones are answered by qualified representatives, not machines.

Our ETF administration services include:

  • Preparation of articles, by-laws and declaration of trust
  • Preparation and facilitation of organizational board meetings and materials
  • Preparation of fund governance procedures including code of ethics, valuation procedures, clearing agencies and distribution policy
  • Registration preparation for prospectus, SAI and state blue sky registration filings
  • Legal entity preparation and filings
  • Independent legal and audit firm search and selection
  • Offshore administration services
  • SEC filings, such as N-SAR and N-CSR
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Proposals of insurance coverage and fidelity bond requirements
  • Monitoring fund budgets and expenses
  • Online reporting services
  • Assistance with distribution and servicing plan agreements, tax-free conversions and IRA prototype plans
  • Dividend distribution
  • Daily performance reporting
  • Assistance and response with SEC exams and comments