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Allocations to alternative investment strategies continue to evolve as investors become more knowledgeable about and comfortable with these strategies. Today, alternatives have a place in nearly every investor’s portfolio. However, many investors have been put off by the lack of transparency, liquidity, and portfolio valuation inherent in many alternative investments.

In response, Gemini created the Galaxy Plus Platform, a centralized framework of operational services that provides institutional investors and managers a cost-effective way to access alternatives. The platform, which seeks to replicate the highly-customized experience large institutions have through managed accounts, provides:

  • Access to a variety of managers with lower investment thresholds

  • Liquidity

  • Transparency

  • Investor control and flexibility

  • Third party oversight

Who should utilize Galaxy Plus?

  • Pensions

  • Endowments

  • Foundations

  • Insurance companies

  • Mutual funds

  • Fund of funds

  • High net worth investors

  • Family offices

  • Registered investment advisors (RIAs)

  • Broker-dealers

Potential Benefits of Galaxy Plus

  • The Galaxy Plus Platform is open architecture, which means investors can create their own structure by selecting the managers and counterparties that best meet their needs.
    • Choice of Managers. Galaxy Plus offers a large variety of managers, which provides investors ample opportunity to diversify.
    • Choice of Counterparties. Galaxy Plus offers a wide variety of counterparties, which reduces counterparty risk concentration.

Through Galaxy Plus, Gemini combines best-in-breed technology providers with proprietary software to provide investors with a sophisticated investing experience.

  • Gemini’s proprietary online account center, Polaris, gives investors the ability to view the following on a daily basis:
    • Daily NAV
    • Investment exposures by manager and across the entire portfolio
    • Portfolio performance
  • Access to a wide array of investment strategies
  • Daily liquidity
  • Access to our Blender Tool, which enables investors to simulate their portfolio by creating a custom blend of managers prior to investing
  • Customized stress testing scenarios
  • Ability to monitor risk exposures and performance drivers
  • Ability to drill down to position-level details
  • Gemini’s highly-controlled, secure operational infrastructure is designed to mitigate risk and provide investors a framework that allows them to focus on manager research and selection. Specifically, Galaxy Plus provides:
    • Third Party Oversight
    • Operational Efficiency. The platform provides documented workflows and investment transparency, integration with other portfolio management systems, and a complete online investment process.
  • Infrastructure and service costs are included*
  • Gemini negotiates fees with counterparties and vendors on behalf of investors

Galaxy Plus Fund Structure

* Tax and auditing services are an additional cost

Galaxy Plus Potential Advantages

For Investors:

  • Manager due diligence
  • Notional funding capabilities
  • Frequency of liquidity (no lock-up periods)
  • Transparency of process and data
  • Risk management
  • Guideline monitoring
  • Cash efficiency
  • Low investment minimums and expenses
  • Ability to fund or seed additional managers
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For Financial Professionals:

  • Operational infrastructure
  • Distribution
  • Investor access
  • Cost-effective fund solution
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What is a Managed Account?

A managed account is owned by an individual investor and managed by an investment advisor according to the investor’s individual investing objectives. Mutual funds, in contrast, are established with set investment parameters and must make investment decisions in line with those, rather than individual investor preferences. Managed accounts tend to offer a high degree of customization and flexibility, and may provide greater tax efficiencies than mutual funds. Additionally, the investment professional responsible for managing the account has an important fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the investor.

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