State-Sponsored 529 Plans

State and higher education boards have many responsibilities to the participants of their program. These responsibilities can be challenging and overwhelming.

Responsibilities such as making investment decisions, monitoring operational processes, enhancing each participant’s online experience and uncovering new participant growth opportunities can be daunting. Gemini seeks to understand each financial institution’s viewpoint and priorities with respect to these responsibilities in order to best serve their needs. As a program manager and service provider to state-sponsored 529 plans, Gemini provides superior attention to detail and quality communication to deliver many services in one complete, seamless offering. Gemini’s core focus for our 529 clients is enhancing the overall experience and operational efficiency for both the state and plan participants.

The state-sponsored 529 community has welcomed our services. We have memberships in the College Savings Plans Network (CSPN) and the College Savings Foundation (CSF). These industry groups, among others, allow for strategic thinking across the community, and are integral to the advocacy of 529, ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) plans and other state-sponsored initiatives.

As a well-known service provider in the financial industry, Gemini:

  • Provides governance and fiduciary solutions
  • Provides participant servicing and record keeping
  • Oversees back and middle office functions
  • Provides regulatory compliance and oversight to meet industry standards and best practices
  • Acts as the named distributor to support sales efforts and marketing compliance
  • Offers a full agency-level range of marketing support in a lead or supplemental capacity

Through collaboration with other subsidiaries in the NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC, family, we offer many other services, including:

  • Providing non-proprietary investment line ups as the named advisor or with third party investment advisors
  • Custody services
  • Trade desk capabilities
  • Dedicated client service for advisors and investors