Multiple Series Trusts

For advisors interested in launching a mutual fund, ETF, or fund offered on insurance platforms, our multiple series trusts may be worth exploring.

With a shared (or series) trust, independent funds (advisors) are registered in a trust with other funds. Through this arrangement, funds share some costs, thus easing the advisor’s financial burden. However, each fund’s advisor is still in full control of managing his or her fund. Rising business costs and the increased level of regulatory compliance within the fund industry have made joining a shared trust (as opposed to a standalone trust) a compelling opportunity.

Fund trusts offer many advantages that may not be achievable by a standalone fund, including:

  • Access to trust level selling agreements, if applicable.
  • Increased operational efficiencies, as funds in the trust share directors/trustees, chief compliance officers, presidents, and other officers as required by the SEC.
  • Reduced operating costs as expenses such as those for auditors, fund counsel, insurance, legal, trustees, blue sky, and more are shared by a group of advisors.
  • The ability to attract qualified board members who possess the expertise to provide proper board compliance and oversight.
  • Freedom for the advisor to focus on portfolio and relationship management.