Mutual Funds – Conversion

Gemini is an expert in mutual fund administration, fund accounting and transfer agent servicing. But more than that, Gemini is a partner.

We have been creating and servicing mutual funds for more than 30 years and deliver a personalized, professional process. At Gemini, we believe in running efficient operations to carry those efficiencies through to our advisors.

When converting a fund to Gemini from another provider, we seek to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible for both the advisor and shareholders. We combine customized pooled investment solutions with robust technology and savvy staff to support established funds. Our consultative approach allows us to tailor a service package to meet the needs of individual advisors, including the unique needs involved in converting a fund.

When converting a fund to Gemini, advisors receive access to:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • 30+ years of mutual fund management experience
  • A customized approach
  • Innovative and integrated products and services
  • Significant value in product pricing
  • Creative thinking, combined with solid industry experience

Gemini holds the following certifications, offering advisors piece of mind that we are adhering to high standards and are prepared to handle a variety of situations.

  • SOC1 – Fund Accounting Operations (re-certified every six months)
  • SOC1 – Transfer Agent Operations (re-certified every six months)
  • ISO 27001 – The highest security standard in the technology industry (re-certified annually)

“Their extensive knowledge and expertise of the liquid alternative space, matched with the ability to handle complex funds and strategies, made our fund administration conversion a necessary one.” – Current Gemini Client