Mutual Funds – Transfer Agent & Shareholder Servicing

Gemini’s Transfer Agent Division expertly manages all aspects of shareholder recordkeeping.

Our priority is to provide exceptional customer service to our fund clients and their shareholders. We do this by using industry-leading technology, providing a full offering of supplemental services, and using a flexible, open architecture format that allows all types of funds to thrive as Gemini’s partner.

Account Services

Gemini’s Transfer Agent staff supports the full range of detailed, task-driven activities associated with transaction processing. We manage all aspects of shareholder recordkeeping including document imaging, processing incoming and outgoing checks, wires and ACH payments, shareholder correspondence, and AML monitoring. Our new accounts and account services teams enter new account information; process purchases, liquidations, exchanges, and transfers; and perform maintenance updates to shareholder accounts.

Customer Service

Gemini’s Customer Service Team handles all shareholder inquiries promptly and courteously. Our call center technology solution allows for multiple call routing, which allows complex calls to be routed directly to senior customer service agents, who provide peer-to-peer training and call monitoring, allowing for continuous improvement of our agents and enhanced customer experiences.

Dealer Services

Gemini’s Dealer Services Team is comprised of an experienced group of professionals playing multiple roles in the success of a fund. This team has daily interactions with the fund’s advisor and distributor, the broker-dealer community, registered reps and RIAs. The team also provides:

  • On-demand reporting to the fund advisor
  • Commissions information to back offices and registered reps
  • Notifications of important fund events, including mergers and name changes
  • Interaction with NSCC and the DTCC AIP platforms

Gemini partners with Celera Systems to provide sales reporting via SalesStation. Celera Systems provides detailed sales reporting and CRM access via Salesforce. Celera’s data management service normalizes and enhances data to assure the integrity of millions of data elements from multiple systems. Our Transfer Agent employees work directly with SalesStation to provide funds with the reporting needed to drive sales strategies and marketing programs.

Our team members have an average of 15 years of industry experience, including dedicated mutual fund operations experience with TD Ameritrade Clearing, Legent Clearing, COR Clearing, and Pioneer Investments.

Dealer Services Summary:

  • Complete connectivity and capabilities with all NSCC systems and DTCC’s AIP platform
  • Support for on-demand custom reporting requests from the fund advisor, intermediaries, auditors and technology partners
  • Sales reporting at the territory, dealer, office and representative levels
  • 12b-1 and commission payments
  • Reporting to the fund advisor, distributor and broker-dealer
  • Blue Sky reporting

Technology Solutions

Gemini’s Transfer Agent and development teams support a wide range of products in addition to our shareholder recordkeeping system. Our staff of developers and business analysts allow for timely creation of custom reporting, as well as development and support of new products to help funds be at the forefront of the industry. Gemini uses the PowerAgent shareholder recordkeeping system by Envision Financial Systems. PowerAgent is a real-time, full-featured system built using open architecture. The system is fully customizable to fit the needs of any fund type.

Technology Solutions Summary:

  • Daily confirmation statement, as well as periodic account statement printing and mailing
  • Printing and mailing of IRS tax forms
  • Electronic interaction with the IRS including using the IRS FIRE system and the IRS TIN matching service
  • eDelivery of statements, confirmations, tax forms and regulatory mailings
  • A full, secure online suite for shareholders, broker-dealers and intermediaries, including new account setup with e-signature, online transactions, position and activity reporting, electronic copies of statements, confirms and tax forms, and 5 separate levels of access
  • A reporting suite allowing for on-demand requests of reporting by the fund advisor
  • Delivery of data in any format to fund advisors and intermediary technology partners, including sales reporting vendors, CRM systems, RIA back office systems and performance reporting systems.