Solutions for Public Plans

As the college savings plan market matures and becomes more competitive, state-sponsored 529 qualified tuition plans are looking to program managers and fund administrators to help them run their plans efficiently and fulfill their many responsibilities to program participants. As an experienced program manager and service provider to 529 plans, Gemini seeks to understand each plan provider’s viewpoint and priorities in order to monitor operational processes, enhance participants’ online account access, uncover new participant growth opportunities, and assist with investment decisions.

Increasing plan participation is also a major 529 plan policy objective, putting a huge focus on the enrollment and service experience, as well as marketing and distribution to increase awareness and plan reach. Thus, Gemini offers both marketing leadership and supplemental support for these plans, and acts as the named distributor to support sales efforts and marketing compliance. Through our complete, seamless offering, we also provide governance and fiduciary solutions, participant servicing and record keeping, supervision of back and middle office functions, and regulatory compliance and oversight.

Gemini also provides technology for local government investment pools (LGIPs) to segment funds across municipalities, undertake record keeping, and provide online access and reporting.

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