Variable Trusts – Fund Administration

Gemini efficiently handles all administrative duties including preparation and SEC filing of shareholder reports, performance reporting, board reporting, and communications and treasury operations, for each mutual fund we serve.

With our support, advisors can focus on managing their portfolios and growing fund assets, while resting assured that all of their legal and administrative responsibilities are being addressed in a timely and efficient manner. From answering procedural questions regarding regulation to simply exchanging ideas, Gemini is responsive to our advisors’ needs.

Gemini uses several state-of-the-art systems to provide the best fund administration service possible, including:

  • Innovative cloud-based portfolio analytics covering performance, attribution, contribution, allocation, and risk reporting.
  • Yardstick, which provides automated daily fund and benchmark performance calculations available in multiple formats along with after-tax performance results for prospectus updates.
  • FIS SunGard Fundbridge, which provides a fully automated financial reporting solution to efficiently address increasing regulatory requirements. The system is seamlessly integrated to FIS InvestOne and offers reporting in multiple output formats.
  • Expensewatch, which provides automation, visibility and control over the expense payment process in a web-based format. Additionally, detailed reporting functionality allows for an analysis of expenses by line item and assists in the creation and monitoring of operational budgets.
  • GainsKeeper, which provides an automated means to accurately and efficiently calculate tax adjustments, such as wash sales and straddles, which may have a significant impact on a fund’s tax distribution requirements and after-tax returns.

Our fund administration services include:

  • Financial reporting, including all SEC regulatory filings (Form N-CSR, Form N-SAR, Form N-Q, Form 24f-2, Form N-MFP and new forms Form N-PORT and N-CEN)
  • Facilitation of a timely and efficient annual audit process
  • Daily performance reporting
  • Reporting and presentations at quarterly board meetings
  • Payment of fund operating expenses including monthly management fees
  • Establishment and monitoring of fund operating budgets
  • Calculation of fund distributions
  • Supplying of financial data necessary for annual prospectus updates
  • Providing assistance and responses in connection with regulatory examinations and inquiries