Webinar Recording: Is 2019 Your Year to Launch an ETF?

Webinar Recording: Is 2019 Your Year to Launch an ETF? 2019-03-08T19:47:29+00:00

Investors added more than $300 billion* to ETFs last year – the second largest yearly inflows ever. Is this your year to get into the ETF game?

Gemini recently hosted a webinar featuring a panel of ETF industry experts who covered why this may be opportune time for an advisor to launch an ETF. The webinar, “Why & How to Launch an ETF in 2019,” was moderated by:

  • Alma Piscitello, Executive Vice President at Gemini
  • Scott P. Szever, Director of Exchange Traded Products, New York Stock Exchange
  • Richard M. Duff, JD, President of Redwood Investment Management
  • Denise Krisko, CFA, President of Vident Investment Advisory, LLC.

During the webinar, the panel covered the following topics for advisors considering starting an ETF:

  • Why to create an ETF and the specific benefits to advisors and investors
  • The key components of structuring an ETF
  • ETF market trends and what strategies investors are seeking
  • Marketing and distribution best practices

Click below to listen to a recording of the webinar:

Why & How to Launch an ETF in 2019

To talk more about whether starting an ETF is right for your firm, please contact a member of our sales team.

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