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Gemini + Ultimus

Our firms have combined to provide registered and private fund managers broader product offerings, more scalable solutions, and significant technological capabilities. Our websites will soon become one! In the meantime, look for more information on our additional breadth of services at ultimusfundsolutions.com.

Registered Fund Solutions

Solutions for launching, servicing & converting mutual funds, ETFs & variable insurance trust funds.

Hedge/Alternative Fund Solutions

Services for hedge & alternative funds, hedge fund of funds & specialty funds.

Private Equity Fund Solutions

Customized, sophisticated & comprehensive solutions to address the unique complexities of private equity funds.

Managed Account Platforms

Customized structures designed to support the unique needs of pensions, endowments & foundations.

Integrated & Customizable Solutions to Manage Complexity & Grow Assets. Since 1983, Gemini has been providing financial institutions an ever-expanding suite of services and distribution support for their registered and unregistered investment products. Our consultative approach, service culture, and innovative technology helps advisers and investors flourish in today’s increasingly sophisticated and dynamic investment landscape.