About Gemini

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Since 1983, Gemini has been partnering with financial professionals and the investment community to provide an ever-expanding suite of services for their investment products, such as portfolio administration and accounting, modern investor servicing tools, comprehensive compliance programs, and guidance on taxes, regulations, auditing, and distribution. We provide a single, integrated solution that supports the launching and servicing of mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, private equity funds, variable insurance trust funds, and state-sponsored 529 plans. We also offer customized structures designed to support the unique needs of pensions, endowments, foundations, and other large institutions.

Gemini’s consultative approach and service culture helps managers and investors navigate and flourish in today’s increasingly sophisticated and dynamic investment landscape of complex fund structures, specialized strategies, expanding access points, evolving compliance regulations, and growing demands for transparency and robust reporting. We help advisors expand distribution of their strategies by taking the complexities out of entering new markets and channels.

Through our 35 years of experience as a fund administrator, we have seen nearly every strategy, product structure, and market cycle. We have built a strong reputation as a collaborative and agile partner. Our firm is large and diverse enough to weather market volatility, yet small enough to give advisors the customized service they need.

  • professional money management services for investors in the retail, institutional, and retirement markets

  • administration, accounting, and shareholder recordkeeping for pooled products

  • sales, marketing, and distribution

  • portfolio accounting software solutions

  • regulatory and guideline compliance

  • product governance and fiduciary solutions