Hedge Funds – Fund Administration

Gemini Hedge offers comprehensive fund administration for hedge fund products, matched with a consultative approach to help bring fund products to market.

Our extensive experience with fund managers, investment advisors, trading managers, banks, and other fund intermediaries provides a fully customized solution. Some of our specific fund administrative offerings include:

  • Maintenance of books and records of the fund
  • Daily capture and reconciliation of trades, positions and money movements
  • Daily pricing of portfolio via independent pricing feeds
  • Daily trade break reporting and break management
  • Daily portfolio flash reports on “T” and reconciled reports on “T+1”
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly NAV calculations
  • Calculation of asset-based, management and incentive fees
  • Calculation of investor and fund performance
  • Financial statement preparation including balance sheet, income statement, trial balance and investor capital report
  • Annual fund audit support
  • GAAP audited financial statement and footnote preparation