Hedge Funds – Fund of Fund Administration

Gemini provides comprehensive investor services, accounting services and middle- and back-office processing, all tailored to the unique needs of fund of funds.

In addition to accounting, Gemini offers the following additional services to a fund of funds:

  • Maintenance of books and records of the fund
  • Tracking subscriptions and redemptions of underlying funds
  • Tracking underlying fund investment values as received (month- or quarter-end final values or daily/weekly/monthly estimates)
  • Estimate vs. final NAV tracking report
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly NAV calculations
  • Calculation of asset-based, management and incentive fees
  • Calculation of investor and fund performance
  • Financial statement preparation including balance sheet, income statement, trial balance and investor capital report
  • Annual fund audit support
  • GAAP audited financial statement and footnote preparation