Hedge Funds – Middle & Back Office Support

Gemini Hedge provides a technology platform that allows fund managers to access all post-execution trade data. Real-time profit and loss computation, attribution and risk analytics are delivered through state of the art technology.

Gemini Hedge can provide seamless connectivity between the real-time trade data and the books and records of the fund, if this level of service is selected for the fund. Our services include:

  • Daily portfolio pricing obtained from an independent source
  • Daily reconciliation of position, market value and cash balances (all asset classes)
  • Automated data integration with trading advisors, pricing sources, prime brokers, FCM’s, banks, etc.
  • Daily portfolio flash reporting on “T” and reconciled reporting on “T+1”
  • Automated corporate action reports
  • Support for entities with multi trader/sub managers, custodians, currencies, etc.
  • Unlimited aggregation, segregation, sorting and subtotaling of portfolio data within a client database
  • Secure client web dashboard for access to all portfolio reports, funds and benchmark performance snapshots and investor account details

“What we are doing is enabling the manager to spend his time executing his investment strategy by relieving him of the back office processing associated with it.”

– Kevin Hesselbirg  CEO, Gemini

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