Hedge Funds – Technology

Gemini Hedge utilizes a combination of proprietary and best of breed technology to provide advisors and investors with robust data and deep analytics that spans from near-real time portfolio data to risk and exposure reporting at the investor level.

We utilize some of the industry’s most up to date, versatile technology platforms, including:

  • SunGard Front Arena: a near, real-time accounting system available on the fund manager’s desktop
  • SunGard Risk APT: an almost instantaneous risk and scenario analysis integration tool available on the fund manager’s desktop
  • SunGard VPM: top-of-the-line portfolio accounting system that supports all asset classes of fund management
  • Penny IT: robust partnership accounting system that supports partnership and shareholder based accounting for hedge funds and private equity funds
  • Gemini Online Account Link (GOAL): proprietary portal for the distribution of fund manager and investor reporting
  • Investor Transparency Portal: granular portfolio details provided to fund investors
  • Stat Pro: portfolio and risk data visualization
  • Hedge Connection: online investor search and marketing database

These programs provide plentiful resources to deliver many benefits, including:

  • A single platform supporting all asset classes
  • 24/7 access to complete accounting, portfolio, risk and investor data
  • Near real-time data, with an enterprise-wide platform for portfolio and risk management
  • The ability to manage portfolios using Greeks, theoretical variables and other parameters to potentially assist in maximizing profits through proactive risk management
  • Drill down functionality down to the tax lot level of portfolio level reporting

Gemini Hedge is proud to be a leader among managed futures service providers. Read about our recent award wins here.
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