Hedge Funds – Blue Sky Services

Did you know that each U.S. state has its own set of “blue sky laws,” which require registration of securities that will be offered or sold within the state, unless they qualify for an exemption? The laws are designed to protect investors from fraudulent sales practices and ensure they can base their judgments on trustworthy data.

For financial institutions that are delegating responsibility for blue sky compliance to their legal counsel, who may not have expertise in this area, they could be putting themselves at risk for unnecessary legal and filing costs.

Fortunately, Gemini Hedge Fund Services is a specialist in the field of blue sky compliance and administration. We have the tools and capacity to:

  • Perform exhaustive research to provide insight into specific state requirements
  • Determine possible exemptions
  • Complete filings and ongoing maintenance

Our expertise in blue sky compliance and administration is designed to potentially offer significant long-term cost savings.