Galaxy Plus Managed Account Platform

Gemini’s Galaxy Plus Managed Account Platform provides qualified investors access to multiple underlying trading advisors through its centralized platform.

Galaxy Plus provides investors with an institutional level investing experience that includes many of the same benefits as a DMA structure. Benefits of utilizing Gemini’s Galaxy Plus platform include:

  • Advisor due diligence
  • Frequency of liquidity
  • Transparency
  • Risk management
  • Guideline monitoring
  • Cash efficiency
  • Low investment minimums and expenses

A "Managed Account Like" Experience for Investors and Managers

Investor Solutions

  • Advisor due diligence
  • Notional funding capabilities
  • Frequency of liquidity
  • Transparency of process and data
  • Risk management
  • Guideline monitoring

Manager Solutions

  • Operational infrastructure
  • Distribution
  • Greater exposure
  • Cost-effective fund solution

Galaxy Plus Fund Structure


“We think a platform like Galaxy Plus is the ideal solution for emerging managers who are seeing growing interest from larger investors but are burdened by the inefficiencies of managing lots of managed accounts. Consolidating those accounts on Galaxy Plus instead of forming their own fund may free up more money for re-search, operations, compliance or marketing.”

– Esther Goodman  Co-founder, Conyers Group

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7488 GFS-8/7/2017