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Investing in alternatives has changed dramatically over the past 10 years and investors are now demanding far more from their investing experience. Gemini has been on the forefront of this evolution, and we’ve developed specialized investment structures and services to accommodate both a manager’s desire to improve internal efficiencies and raise assets and an investor’s need for transparency, liquidity, and flexibility.

Hedge Funds

Today’s hedge fund managers are exploring new strategies, new instruments, and less liquid assets such as structured credit, private debt, and hybrid structures. At the same time, investors are scrutinizing fees and redemption terms, and demanding deeper visibility into fund money flows. To protect their businesses, managers are entering new markets and pushing product innovation.

Gemini is prepared for this next generation of hedge fund investing. You can count on us to be your experienced partner in supporting you to help grow your assets, improve efficiencies, and meet changing investor needs. Gemini’s specialized hedge fund administration services scale seamlessly to take on sophisticated structures, high volumes, and complicated arrangements that other administrators often can’t handle. We partner with managers to provide third party oversight, tools to market to new investors, and the structure to scale as funds grow in size and complexity. We also help establish the robust compliance programs, control procedures, and reporting capabilities that today’s sophisticated investors and regulators demand.

Gemini offers full daily operational support including trade aggregation, valuation, reconciliation, comprehensive financial reporting, NAV calculations, and risk reporting. We can provide real-time portfolio and risk analysis, as well as service daily liquidity investment requirements. Our customizable solutions, personalized service, and extensive experience in launching and administering specialized funds makes us a nimble and collaborative partner to innovative investment managers.

Learn more about Gemini’s hedge fund solutions.

Alternatives and Managed Accounts

Institutional investors are adding alternatives, private equity, and less liquid assets to their portfolios in response to today’s market environment. But in doing so, new risks around concentration, valuation, and counterparty defaults impact the risk-reward equation. In addition, higher fees sometimes layered inside complex funds and restrictive redemption gates are a drag on returns. Therefore, investors are looking for ways to access investment options in a more flexible, liquid, transparent, and cost-effective manner. Increasingly, they find that a managed account platform meets that need. These platforms provide tremendous depth and breadth of services, while giving the investor more authority over exposure.

Gemini’s managed account platform solutions provide a comprehensive service suite that includes an integrated and well-organized service team and software tools that allow you to focus on your clients and investment selections while holding Gemini accountable for the efficient operation and control of your middle and back office functions. Our independent, centralized framework of operational services provides frequency of liquidity, notional funding capabilities, risk management solutions, real-time reporting, and data aggregation across all managers. These platforms also provide transparency, detailed reporting, greater oversight, and a competitive and comprehensive fee schedule.

Learn more about how Gemini’s Dedicated Managed Account (DMA) offering and Galaxy Plus Platform provide investors/asset owners with a customized investing experience that includes granular details to support their investment decisions.

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