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Gemini utilizes a combination of proprietary and outsourced best-in-class technology to provide advisors and investors with extensive, detailed portfolio data and analytics that span from near-real time performance information to risk and exposure reporting at the investor level. We continually research industry technological innovations and evaluate our providers to ensure we are offering best-in-class solutions. We also regularly consult with you to understand your changing data requirements to ensure our proprietary offerings meet your reporting needs and those of your investors.

We utilize some of the industry’s most current, versatile technology platforms, including:

  • FIS Front Arena: a near real-time desktop portfolio and risk monitoring system

  • FIS Risk APT: an almost instantaneous risk and scenario analysis desktop integration tool

  • FIS VPM: a top-of-the-line portfolio accounting system that supports all asset classes

  • Ezesoft IT: a robust accounting system that supports partnership and shareholder-based accounting for hedge and private equity funds

  • Gemini Online Account Link (GOAL): a proprietary portal for fund manager and investor reporting. GOAL is flexible enough for Hedge Fund managers to add letters, governing documents, audited financial statements, K-1s, and any other ad-hoc reports. All information and analysis can be updated in real time and presented in a unique Investor Dashboard.

  • POLARIS Investor Transparency Portal: a proprietary tool that provides a granular, managed account-like view of a fund’s portfolio

  • Hedge Connection: an online investor search and marketing database

Gemini also created a proprietary cryptocurrency technology platform to integrate front to back office processing and to streamline the onboarding process for all cryptocurrency funds. This tool consists of pre-built cryptocurrency exchange-specific APIs that are fully integrated with a data standardization hub, which then integrates all trading activity and balances to FIS VPM for books and records management.

Our continued investments in modern technology allow Gemini to offer you and your investors:

  • A single platform supporting all asset classes

  • 24/7 access to complete accounting, portfolio, risk, and investor data

  • Near real-time data, with an enterprise-wide platform for portfolio and risk management

  • The ability to manage portfolios using Greeks, theoretical variables, and other parameters to potentially assist in maximizing profits through proactive risk management

  • Drill down reporting capability down to portfolio level tax lot