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Gemini is recognized as one of the first administrators taking an active role in servicing funds that trade cryptocurrencies, as well as funds with cryptocurrency denominated share classes. We are a thought leader in the digital asset space for fund administration both domestically and offshore.

Our internal centralized architecture for trade history and API integration process across the universe of exchanges, wallets, and custodians meets our clients’ demands for efficient and effective data management through connectivity across various data points. We also have an efficient integration process to continually add new APIs as new sources of exchange data become relevant and are needed by the manager.

Through our extensive trusted digital asset service provider network, Gemini offers fund managers access to industry experts as an extension of their Gemini relationship, which helps managers focus on reaching new investors. This includes banking relationships, legal firms, auditors, board governance, custodians, and more.

Gemini’s cryptocurrency fund services include:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly NAV calculations
  • Maintenance of official books and records
  • Daily pricing of portfolio via API connectivity to multiple exchanges
  • Provision of accounting-related reports
  • Financial reporting
  • Daily capture and reconciliation of trades, positions, and money movements
  • Daily trade break reporting and break management
  • Daily portfolio flash reports on “T” and reconciled reports on “T+1”
  • Calculation of asset-based, management, and incentive fees
  • Annual fund audit support
  • GAAP audited financial statement and footnote preparation
  • Month-end portfolio maintenance, independent pricing, and independent reconciliation of manager trade recap to exchange data
  • Month-end reconciliation of cash activity, expense verification, and general ledger accounting
  • Month-end economic allocation of profit and loss, expenses, and calculation of fees
  • Maintenance of all investor records
  • Communication with investors and your fund’s third parties
  • Enablement of web reporting for investors
  • Reporting services, including dissemination of newsletters, NAVs, and holding statements
  • Treasury/cash management
  • Preparation of investor due diligence questionnaires
  • Investor identify verification in accordance with OFAC and AML procedures
  • Daily portfolio pricing obtained from an independent source
  • Daily reconciliation of position, market value and cash balances (all asset classes)
  • Automated data integration with trading advisors, pricing sources, custodians, and wallets
  • Automated corporate action reports
  • Support for entities with multi trader/sub managers, custodians, cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • Unlimited aggregation, segregation, sorting and subtotaling of portfolio data within a client database
  • Secure client web dashboard for access to all portfolio reports, funds and benchmark performance snapshots and investor account details

Gemini created its proprietary cryptocurrency technology platform to integrate front to back office processing and to streamline the onboarding process for all cryptocurrency funds.

This tool consists of pre-built cryptocurrency exchange-specific APIs that are fully integrated with a data standardization hub, which then integrates all trading activity and balances to FIS VPM for books and records management.

Onboarding of new funds is a business user-configured process, managed within an easy-to-use web-enabled interface. Gemini’s team of developers handles adding on new exchanges.

Fund position reporting is also available as an added service.

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To meet funds’ compliance needs, Gemini, through our sister firm Northern Lights Compliance Services, LLC (NLCS), offers a team of professionals formed specifically to serve as Chief Compliance Officers on an independent consulting basis. Our staff includes attorneys, former regulators, former CPAs/auditors, former CCOs, and operations professionals who are proficient in fund compliance requirements. This diverse experience enables us to evaluate the steady stream of new regulations from many different perspectives, resulting in practical and cost-effective implementation strategies.

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Funds have a wide array of documents that need to be filed with regulatory bodies, printed, and mailed to investors. In addition to custom printing, promotional products, and large format printing, Gemini’s team of printing specialists can simplify a seemingly complex process by managing your fund’s financial reporting and marketing documents from their early stages through publication.

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In a recent webinar moderated by HFM Week and sponsored by Gemini, digital currency experts offered advice on launching a digital assets fund or trading cryptocurrency assets as part of an existing strategy. Topics included:

  • Structuring a fund
  • Custody and the safety of assets
  • Unique compliance and regulatory considerations
  • Valuation of assets and ICOs
  • The impact of established futures exchanges

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