Webinar: What to Know About Launching a Fund

Webinar: What to Know About Launching a Fund 2018-11-06T17:57:58+00:00

Launching a mutual fund or ETF may provide operational efficiencies and allow you to recoup lost revenue from smaller accounts. Want to know more? Listen to a recent webcast where experienced industry panelists covered:

  • How launching a mutual fund or ETF may be beneficial for an RIA’s business
  • The differences in trust models (series or proprietary)
  • What to expect from the launch process (e.g., the timeline from day 1 until fund launch)
  • Initial and ongoing resources/costs


Listen below: “A Realist’s View: What You Need to Know About Launching a Fund.”

Learn more:

  • Click here to use our calculator to determine what revenue you may be leaving behind by not converting investors whose smaller accounts do not meet your SMA minimums into shareholders of newly-created mutual funds sponsored by your firm.
  • Download: Creating A 1940 Act Mutual Fund – Top 10 Questions
  • Download: Launching a Fund – What to Consider

At Gemini, we are first and foremost consultants. If you have an idea for a fund, but don’t know whether it’s viable, contact us for input. We can discuss expenses, resources, structure, distribution, and how Gemini may be able to support you in improving your operational efficiency and growing your firm.