Managed Account Platforms

Independent, centralized framework of operational services providing investors greater investment transparency, superior reporting, and enhanced oversight and risk controls

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Today’s institutional investors and managers are seeking access to investment solutions in a manner that offers greater transparency, frequency of liquidity, risk management, guideline monitoring, and lower fees. Increasingly, they are finding that managed account structures are an optimal choice. These dedicated structures give investors the ability to invest in a wide array of alternative investments without having to devote significant capital and human resources to building and maintaining the complex infrastructure necessary to manage them internally. Plus, advanced platform reporting capabilities allow managers to meet investor expectations for more immediate and granular portfolio information, such as performance, exposures and positions by manager, aggregated data, and advanced analytics.

Gemini offers two innovative platform options for investors and managers:

Dedicated Managed Account (DMA): a customizable solution that provides asset owners all of the operational infrastructure to support their managed accounts.

Galaxy Plus Platform: this platform provides investors access to a wide variety of managers with lower investment minimums.

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Learn more about Gemini’s managed account options:

Galaxy Plus Platform

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Managed accounts may provide:

  • Access to managers at lower minimums than through a direct relationship
  • Better liquidity terms than is typical of a direct relationship
  • Full transparency (trade-level data)
  • Third-party guideline monitoring
  • Convenience – electronic subscription, ease of allocation changes, single K-1, and single sub-doc

Hedge fund industry professionals discuss: Listen to the webinar recording

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  • How can managed accounts be assimilated into a portfolio and what are the benefits to investors and managers?
  • What type of investors are best suited for these structures?
  • What are common misconceptions? What is the future of managed accounts?

In a Gemini-hosted event, industry experts weighed in on these topics, as well as why it’s critically important for institutions to choose the right investment structure: Watch the video recording

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