Fund Experts Deliver Update on Audit, Accounting and Tax Trends at Gemini Industry Summit

Clients to benefit from valuable insights and network of partners

>Fund Experts Deliver Update on Audit, Accounting and Tax Trends at Gemini Industry Summit

Fund Experts Deliver Update on Audit, Accounting and Tax Trends at Gemini Industry Summit

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The Gemini Companies (Gemini) today shares insights (via a recording) from a recent event they hosted in Boston featuring experienced accounting, tax, and audit professionals. The panel, “Current Developments in Audit,” was moderated by Joe Breslin, Audit Committee Chairman of Northern Lights Fund Trust IV, and featured perspectives from: Scott Mackey, Partner at RSM US LLP; John Braun, Partner at BBD, LLP; Jeff Haneline, Senior Manager at Cohen & Company; and Wendy Wang, Senior Vice President of Tax & Compliance for Gemini.

Panel participants covered a range of topics during the conversation, including:

  • SEC disclosure updates and simplification
  • ASU 2018-13 fair value measurement (updates related to both public and private funds)
  • AICPA Investment Valuation Guide
  • The impact of tax reform on year end distributions (what was passed and what was not)

Joe Breslin said, “Hearing from experts like Gemini and these audit firms regarding the latest developments in this space is beneficial for advisers and mutual fund shareholders, as it gives them greater understanding about the inner workings of their investments.”

“This event is part of our ongoing commitment to distilling the trends and challenges occurring in the fund industry and bring valuable solutions back to our clients,” added Wendy Wang. “These insights drive our best in class accounting, tax, and audit services (via our robust network of partners) to our mutual fund clients.”

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