Gemini Discusses “What You Need to Know” When Launching a Mutual Fund or ETF

Speakers cover efficiencies and benefits between various registered fund and trust structures

>Gemini Discusses “What You Need to Know” When Launching a Mutual Fund or ETF

Gemini Discusses “What You Need to Know” When Launching a Mutual Fund or ETF

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Gemini recently made available a recorded webinar for investment advisers who are interested in launching a registered fund (such as a mutual fund or ETF). The webinar, “A Realist’s View: What You Need to Know About Launching a Fund,” featured experienced industry panelists Anita Krug, an Independent Trustee, Kyle Thorberg, Gemini Senior VP, and James Ash, Gemini Senior VP.

Mr. Thorberg noted, “We developed this educational series as a result of feedback we’ve received during our consultative onboarding process. Our (now) clients suggested that we create a blueprint of what to expect and how to think through the critical business decision of launching a fund, as the process was so positive for them.”

During the first part of a two-part series, panelists walked through:

  • How launching a mutual fund or ETF may be beneficial for an RIA’s business
  • The differences in trust model (series or proprietary)
  • What to expect from the launch process (e.g., the timeline from day 1 until fund launch)
  • Initial and ongoing resources/costs

Mr. Ash commented, “Understanding the value of launching a fund (i.e., the economies of commingling small, separate accounts, diversifying client sets, and raising additional AUM) is crucial for RIAs if they want to extend their brand presence.” 

Ms. Krug added to that sentiment, stating,”Another key decision for RIAs is understanding the differences among operating structures and selecting the appropriate one for their operations (e.g., series trust vs. standalone trust). Each structure has benefits, but only the business owner can determine whether the lower cost and shorter time to market that a series trust offers outweighs the greater flexibility associated with a standalone trust.”

What we will cover during the webinar:  

  • The day-to-day responsibilities of a mutual fund adviser
  • How to navigate the distribution platforms
  • Things to consider during a fund’s first year of operation
  • A check list of the operational support you’ll need

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