Gemini to Host Virtual Capital Introduction Event

Event is an opportunity for allocators to efficiently connect with managers online in a private and secure environment

Gemini to Host Virtual Capital Introduction Event

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The Gemini Companies (Gemini) announced today that they plan to host an inaugural Virtual Capital Introduction Event from January 21-28, 2019. The event will be produced by Hedge Connection and designed around their patented Capital Club investor-introduction service. During the event, qualified investors will have the opportunity to review 30 comprehensive profiles of hedge fund and alternative managers from Gemini’s Galaxy Plus platform in one virtual location. Investors will be able to set up informational meetings or ask managers to be added to their fund’s distribution list directly from the profile of the manager in which they are interested.

Overview of Gemini’s Virtual Capital Introduction Event:

  • INVESTORS: Approved participating investors will have a unique profile on the platform that is created during the registration process.
  • MANAGERS: 30 Manager profiles will be available, which include detailed information on performance, strategy, performance analytics, manager/advisor background information, and marketing materials.
  • HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Interested Investors can click here now to apply for consideration to participate in the event, which runs from January 21-28, 2019
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: Investors that are approved to participate will be added to the virtual event. Hedge Connection will begin promoting Galaxy Plus funds to participating investors, highlighting several every day, leading up to the event. The event will go live on January 21st at which time allocators will be able to login, analyze the manager’s profile and begin making anonymous introduction requests as well as requests to be added to the fund’s distribution list. When a manager accepts an introduction, the two parties are connected with a date and time for a conference call or meeting. These meetings can be scheduled up to 4 weeks forward.

Lisa Vioni, Co-Founder and CEO of Hedge Connection Inc. commented, “We believe that this type of virtual event will disrupt how capital introduction has traditionally been done, making it easy, fast, and efficient for Investors to discover new funds and set up introductory meetings immediately without having to leave their office. Hedge Connection is pleased to be the patented technology platform to facilitate this next generation of capital introduction.”

David Young, President of Gemini Solutions for Hedge/Alternative Funds, added, “In an age where time to market is crucial, hosting a virtual event where investors can quickly distill large amounts of intelligence about managers is ground breaking. We are pleased to partner with Hedge Connection to offer this state of the art platform to give our clients/managers a competitive advantage for growing their business.”

For more information on the Galaxy Plus platform or further details on participating in the virtual event, please contact Skyler Steinke at

About Gemini

Since 1983, Gemini has been providing our partners an ever-expanding suite of services for their investment products, such as modern investor servicing tools, portfolio administration and accounting, comprehensive compliance programs, and guidance on regulations, auditing, and distribution. Gemini’s consultative approach and culture of service helps managers and investors navigate and flourish in today’s increasingly sophisticated and dynamic investment landscape.

Gemini provides a single, integrated solution that supports the launching and servicing of mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, private equity funds, variable annuity trusts, and state-sponsored 529 plans. We also offer customized structures designed to support the unique needs of pensions, endowments, and foundations.

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