Gemini Voted Best Administrator for Liquid Alternative ‘40 Act Funds

Industry award showcases Gemini’s expertise handling complex funds – clients value education on structuring product

Gemini Voted Best Administrator for Liquid Alternative ‘40 Act Funds

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HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.— September 27, 2018 — The Gemini Companies (Gemini) announced today that it has been voted the best Liquid Alts ‘40 Act Fund Administrator for 2018 by subscribers of Global Fund Media publications (e.g., Institutional Asset Manager, Wealth Adviser, Alpha Q, ETF Express, Hedgeweek, and PE Wire).

“We are pleased to offer managers of complex funds the specialized and expansive suite of administration services they need to help their investment vehicles provide the exposure and returns their investors demand,” said Kevin Wolf, Gemini President (Solutions for Registered Funds). “Gemini prides itself on being a market leader in servicing cutting-edge funds that invest in complex securities, including managed futures, hard-to-value private investments, and sophisticated derivative instruments.”

In response to the rise in interest in alternative mutual funds over the past decade, Gemini has made strategic investments to develop extensive expertise in servicing funds with complex investments. Clients have noted that their fund launches were successful due to a couple key elements – Gemini’s proficiency and network. That knowledge and those resources span many areas, including:

  • Compliance
  • Regulation
  • A vast network of partners who have expertise in custody, legal, valuation
  • Relationships with firms who can assist with distribution
  • Sub-advisory opportunities (i.e., advisors with the capability to understand and oversee sub-advisors and liquid alternative funds)

“Regardless of fund size or strategy, Gemini is well-positioned to help managers bring their investment ideas to market by helping them implement their vision and navigate all the regulatory, tax, compliance, legal, custody, and distribution requirements,” said James Ash, Gemini Senior Vice President (Solutions for Registered Funds). “We are committed to delivering the resources, technology, customized service models, and support to provide alternative managers of all sizes a mutual fund-like experience that today’s investors expect.”

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Since 1983, Gemini has been providing our partners an ever-expanding suite of services for their investment products, such as modern investor servicing tools, portfolio administration and accounting, comprehensive compliance programs, and guidance on regulations, auditing, and distribution. Gemini’s consultative approach and culture of service helps managers and investors navigate and flourish in today’s increasingly sophisticated and dynamic investment landscape.

Gemini provides a single, integrated solution that supports the launching and servicing of mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, private equity funds, variable annuity trusts, and state-sponsored 529 plans. We also offer customized structures designed to support the unique needs of pensions, endowments, and foundations.

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