Right-Sizing Managed Account Platforms

>Right-Sizing Managed Account Platforms
Right-Sizing Managed Account Platforms 2019-07-17T09:14:18-04:00

As of the first quarter 2018, more than $112 billion* in assets were invested in managed accounts. Institutional investors – such as pensions, consultants, endowments, family offices, and OCIOs – are increasingly utilizing these types of investment structures due to advantages they offer such as:

  • Access to managers at lower minimums than would be required of a direct relationship
  • Better liquidity terms than is typical of a direct relationship
  • Full transparency (trade-level data)
  • Guideline monitoring provided by a third-party
  • Convenience – electronic subscription, ease of allocation changes, single K-1, and single sub-doc

In June 2018, Gemini gathered institutional investment advisers and other professionals in Chicago to discuss the continued rapid growth and evolution of managed account platforms and the importance of ensuring that institutions are choosing the appropriate structure for their investments.

View the recording below of the panel discussion to hear insights on:

  • How managed accounts can be assimilated into a well-diversified portfolio and the benefits to asset owners and managers
  • The type of investors who are best suited for a managed account structure
  • The common misconceptions of using managed account platforms, their future, and the continued benefits for end investors

Panel members:

  • Anthony Festa, Managing Principal/Head of Portfolio Strategy, Fund Evaluation Group, LLC
  • Jacob Walthour, CEO, Blueprint Capital Advisers
  • John Fidler, Senior VP and Director of Alternative Investments, Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company
  • Jon Reiners, SVP Institutional Sales, Gemini – Solutions for Managed Account Platforms

*HFM Week Managed Accounts Universe/Surveys, 2010-2018. AUM of top ten platforms.

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